Poletna reka / Summer river, Keiko Miyazaki Vahčič


Poletna reka / Summer river

Keiko Miyazaki Vahčič

Tehnika: akril na platnu

Dimenzije: 100 × 100 cm

Leto: 2012

My art creativity has been dedicated to the expression of nature, especially the flow of water, waves, and fish. These subject matters relate to my childhood memory of Japan. In my childhood, I was brought up in the surround of the beautiful sea scenery. For me, fish act as a gateway to my culture.

Over the years, the process of my works has always filled me with a sense of accomplishment. Each of my creativity is in a way diverse by using various techniques in different forms of expressions. However still, each works are just one of my vehicle for translating my personal inner vision of nature, which has been cultivated in my childhood memory to externalize my own reality.

Keiko Vahčič Miyazaki